Description: Birdrider is an epic journey set in a bright, satirical fantasy world. It includes a double music album and a graphic novel.

Set in a bright fantasy world where everybody is forced to be “special” and work on a creative project, Birdrider reflects on what it’s like to make music, dream and love in the 21st century.



The Music


Birdrider is a double album: Left Wing and Right Wing. Why? Well, why make things simple when they can be so complicated? Each of the 26 songs correspond to a moment in the story (described below). You can download and listen to the songs using the player here:


The eBook


This offbeat, dreamy and humorous illustrated novel tells the story of aspiring musicians who leave everything behind to make their “Beams” (big + dreams) come true in the fabulous city of Polybeams.

Success seems obvious ― and easy ― with the Help Force, creative cool tools, and an entire city built on and for Big Dreams.  But what secrets hide below the surface and what does the Help Force really do? Adventures and answers abound, as the Beamers explore, take action and discover their freedom.

Despite being set in a colorful fantasy world, Birdrider has all the ingredients of a 21st century story:

– Big Dreams
– Sky-high expectations
– Confusion
– Technology giving access to zillions of possibilities
– Everyone Trying Hard to Be special

Why? Because Birdrider is actually the story of my music-making journey, told through a fictional contemporary tale…

In 2011, the two music albums i was working on were pretty much finished. I tried to release them (ie share them online), but for some reason I was not “feeling it.” How to explain this lack of drive? Was it the fear of putting myself out there? Maybe. But it was also maybe because I was after something else… 
So I started to write a story inspired by the lyrics of my 25 songs, as well as my music making journey itself. To avoid a story that would sound like “and he spent a lot of time in his bedroom studio, staring at a screen,” I had to step away from the physical reality to focus more on my inner journey. The result is more like a contemporary fairy tale, set in a fantasy world.

This is the tale about how to make one’s dream come to life.  




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